Managed Services


Stop wasting your time managing your computers. Let me look after them for you.

Ransomware Detection
Monitor for crypto-ransomware on devices and receive immediate alerts when a device is infected. Automated responses attempt to kill the ransomware process and isolate the infected device to prevent the spread of ransomware, only maintaining contact to allow effective action to be taken.

Real-Time Monitoring
I can monitor all of your devices in real-time instantly discovering current issues and flagging potential problems. Devices include: servers, PCs, laptops, and network devices. Powerful auto-response to alerts resolve problems automatically or simplify troubleshooting.

Deliver better Security and Reliability
Deliver more secure and reliable IT environments by automating the delivery of updates for operating systems and common software applications, making machines more secure from the latest threats.

Flexible Reports and Dashboards
Receive reports for you on performance, health, and security.

Trouble Tickets
The system will easily create trouble tickets to track support issues, service requests, incidents, and problems and send them to me, which allows me to help you be more efficient.

All this and so much more before you even realized you had an issue.

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